A Non-fill is a molding condition exhibiting surface indentations that are irregular in shape and have a coarser surface texture than the rest of the o-ring.

Specification Max Allowable Non-fill Width "W"
Max Allowable Non-fill Depth "T"
AS708* .005 is standard reject for any defect Not Specified
ISO 3601-3 CS .0031 .0031
AS871 .005 .002
ISO 3601-3 S, DIN 3771 S .0059 .0031
ISO 3601-3 N, DIN 3771 N .0236 .0031
MIL-STD-413C .010 .003
RMA OR-1 A .010 .003
RMA OR-1 B .015 .003
Note: No tool marks or defects discernible to the naked eye are permitted.
**Data above shows maximum allowable Width/Depth of Non-fill defect assuming an O-ring cross sectional diameter between 0 and .1 inches.

Non-fill and Mold Deposit diagram