Filter Seals

A Filter and Seal in One Advanced Device

Our exclusive FilterSeal™ parts are a custom-designed combination of elastomer and fabric, metal or plastic that operates as both a seal and a filter in one device. FilterSeals™ are designed to meet your unique specifications with a variety of elastomers and filter materials available. A FilterSeal™ part can simplify your assembly process with only one component to purchase and install.

By combining a filtering mesh with rubber seal profile, a FilterSeal™ is able to perform as a high-functioning seal with filtering capabilities. These seals can be completely customizable to meet your exact needs. Simply changing the mesh material or size of the seal allows this device to filter everything from large particulates to water vapor.

Why Choose Filter Seals™?

Fabric and Weave Types

Customize Your Material Selection

Apple Rubber engineers can help you select the right fabric and weave based on your applications and factors such as:

*Note: Please check the latest standard for current revision.

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Open area, yarn diameter and mesh opening properties of plastic mesh

Properties of Common Plastic Mesh*

Material Properties Unit Nylon Polyester Peak
Tensile Strength psi 55k – 97k 65k – 108k 47k – 108k
Elongation at Break % 20 – 35 15 – 30 20 – 40
Working Temperature Dry F 239 302 482
Abrasion Resistance   good limited good
Acid Resistance   good limited good
Alcaline Resistance   good limited good
Stability in Solvents   limited good good
Hydrolysis Resistance   good limited good
Mesh Size µm 1 – 5000 1 – 5000 35 – 5000
*Metal and fabric mesh can be used