different size o-rings


With the sealing industry's largest inventory of over 300 million o-rings, Apple Rubber has the right size and material for any sealing application.

microrings miniaturized sealing


From precision instruments and medical devices to aerospace and fiber optics, MicrOrings   were designed to meet the ever-increasing demand of miniaturized sealing applications.

custom molded seal shapes

Custom Molded Shapes

From the most exotic seal to micro-miniature shapes, Apple Rubber offers a variety of manufacturing processes for a wide range of polymer types to create your highly customized parts.

silicone parts and seals

Silicone Parts and Seals

From medical and automotive to aerospace and electronics, Apple Rubber has created silicone parts and seals to fit even the most complex applications.

seals design with medical grade elastomers

Medical Seals

With exposure to a wider range of harsh chemicals and temperatures, Apple Rubber medical seals are designed with improved, medical grade elastomers to handle any custom solution.

composite seals

Composite Seals

With simplified designs and tighter tolerances, Apple Rubber composite seals will ease installation and reduce assembly costs for complex sealing applications.

hydraulic and pneumatic seals


From construction and transportation equipment to manufacturing and industrial production, ExpresSeal®   will accommodate quickly to even the most challenging seal requirements.

filter seals


With a variety of elastomers and filter materials to choose from, multi-functional Filter Seals®   can be designed in any unique shape or size to meet your specific sealing needs.

silicone housing seals

Silicone Housing Seals

Molded to hold superior tolerances and prevent any potential leak paths, silicone housing seals outperform flat gaskets and a variety of other gasket methods.

emi-shielded o-rings

EMI-Shielded O-Rings and Seals

Built with conductive, particle-filled elastomers, our reliable o-rings and seals provide high EMI shielding in environmental or pressure seals.

large o-rings


The stronger, more economical choice for sealing applications that require larger, high-quality and cost-effective o-rings.

different housing seal sizes

Laser Marking

Using an advanced laser marking system, Apple Rubber offers high-quality identification marking without the use of inks or abrasions.