EMI-Shielded O-Rings & Seals

Reliable O-Ring shielding for electronic applications

Apple Rubber Products offers custom designed, EMI-shielded o-rings and seals for a variety of electronic applications. We provide an alternative to metallic coating of parts and other methods utilized for EMI shielding, while delivering a reliable sealing solution.

Sealing and shielding in one.

Made with conductive, particle-filled elastomers, our o-rings and seals provide high EMI shielding effectiveness in an environmental or pressure seal. The microscopic particles establish a conductive path within the elastomer to create a versatile seal for use in EMI suppression.

Particle fillers include silver, copper, nickel and graphite. Elastomers can be formulated in a range from 7 to .002 resistances in ohms centimeters.

The solution for a variety of applications.

Our EMI-shielded seals are designed to provide a conductive interface/seal for applications in a variety of industries including:

Custom-designed for your exact specifications.

Apple Rubber offers seals utilizing commercial grade and military grade shielding elastomers and can produce EMI-shielded seals in an unlimited variety of shapes and sizes. We have a broad range of experience in the electronics industry and offer the design engineering capabilities to deliver the exact solution for your applications. This includes:

Available Conductive Fillers Available Conductive Elastomers

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