Laser Marking

Quick, High-Quality Identification

More and more manufacturers require permanent identification marks on their parts to aid in traceability. Laser marking makes it easy for companies to identify parts and lets customers know they are receiving the authentic, high-quality parts their applications demand.

Apple Rubber's Apple LaserMark program uses the Samurai UV Laser Marking System, allowing us to offer high-quality identification without the use of inks or abrasions.

What is Apple LaserMark?

Apple LaserMark adds model numbers, bar codes, logos and more onto our customer's o-rings and seals.

The process does not involve a physical tool etching the surface of the part, nor does it transmit ink or any other substance onto the surface — instead, the laser light is focused onto a material, producing damage-free, easy-to-read marks.

Why choose Apple LaserMark?

Laser Marking In the Field

Industries that have/are implementing global marking standards:

Making your Mark

Laser marking is a valuable addition to your o-rings and seals. Apple LaserMark can meet your laser marking needs today. Contact us now.