Silicone Housing Seals

A superior alternative to flat gaskets and other gasketing methods

Our silicone housing (face) seals outperform flat gaskets and other gasketing methods for a wide variety of applications. Custom designed to your exact specifications, they feature a round cross-section and are molded to hold superior tolerances to die-cut, flat gaskets. Unlike flat gaskets, the round cross section of silicone housing seals ensures sealing of any potential leak paths.

The perfect match of durometer, shape and color.

Though available in a durometer range of 20-80 Shore A, the silicone housing seal can also be made even softer to match compression set requirements of plastic or metal housing applications. Apple Rubber can produce your seal in the most complex shapes and color-match the silicone material in solid or translucent colors.

Advanced manufacturing processes for cost-effective solutions.

Apple Rubber's LIM (liquid injection molding) systems provide consistent, high quality and cost-effective housing seals essentially flash-free. We can also utilize the latest compression and transfer molding technologies to meet your requirements.

Fast prototypes and design engineering assistance.

In-house tooling capabilities and an experienced design engineering staff enable Apple Rubber to deliver housing seal prototypes fast. Our engineers have the expertise in polymer technology - with a particular emphasis on silicone and liquid silicone rubber (LSR)- as well as plastics, metals and other materials to assist you in creating the right housing seal solution for your needs.

A Wide Range of Standard Colors.

Silicone housing seals from Apple Rubber are available in a wide range off colors (solid or translucent) to match application requirements.

For more information on silicone housing (face) seals, contact Apple Rubber today.

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