Mold Making

Precise Molding Capabilities

Apple Rubber Products operates a state of the art mold shop within our manufacturing facility. This capability allows us to produce the highest quality molds with the shortest lead times at the lowest cost. We utilize the highest quality components and operate modern computers that run sophisticated CAD and CAM software to efficiently design and manage the fabrication and machining of custom rubber molds.

Top of the Line Tooling Process

Machining processes are carried out using the most precise equipment and tooling available. Our CNC milling area contains several vertical machining centers capable of efficiently machining components as large as 28" x 60" at spindle speeds up to 60,000 rpm. Our turning department utilizes both CNC and manual lathes capable of turning components from microminiature inserts to large mold plates. Our grinding area includes both hand fed and automatic surface grinders capable of grinding components to 0.0001" accuracy. Our mold making operation also includes the ancillary equipment such as tool setters, manual mills, drill presses, horizontal and vertical band saws, media blasters and hydraulic presses needed to construct a quality mold.

Trusted Quality Assurance

The quality of our molds is verified with contact, optical, and laser measuring equipment. We employ elaborate vision systems capable of measuring critical mold elements to 0.00001". We believe that a quality mold will produce a quality rubber part.