Trade Name
  • Viton™ — Chemours Company
  • Dyneon — 3M Company
  • DAI-EL — Daikin
  • Technoflow — Solvay
ASTM D1418 Designation
ASTM D2000/SAE Type, Class
Apple Compound Designation
Standard Color
Combining high temperature resistance with outstanding chemical resistance, Fluorocarbon-based compounds approach the ideal for a universal o-ring material.
Key Uses
Seals for aircraft engines. Seals for automotive fuel handling systems. High temperature/low compression set applications. Wide chemical exposure situations. Low outgassing makes excellent vacuum seals.
Temperature Range
  • Standard Compound: -13°F to +446°F
  • Special Compounds: -40°F to +446°F
Hardness (Shore A)
45 to 90
  • High fluorine grades offer higher resistance to swell in high octane and oxygenated fuel blends. This gives superior performance in Ethanol/Methanol blended gasoline. Also, Fluorocarbon offers improved resistance to steam for higher temperature services. Low temperature bases can improve performance to -40°F. New polymers being offered have improved chemical resistance and low temperature performance.
  • Viton™ Extreme™ ETP offers similar chemical compatibility as FFKM with temperature resistance to +446°F.
  • Special compounds, using new polymer technologies, provide improved low temperature performance with a TR(10) of -40°F and brittleness to -76°F.
Fluorocarbons are not recommended for exposure to ketones, amines, low molecular weight esters and ethers, nitro hydrocarbons, hot hydrofluoric or chlorosulfonic acids, or Skydrol® fluids. They are also not recommended for situations requiring good low temperature flexibility.