Ability of an elastomeric material to return to its original size and shape after deformation.
Abbreviation for Military.
Military Standard.
Unequal o-ring cross-sectional radii caused by dimensional differences in the mold cavity.
The tensile stress force in psi required to produce a specified increase in material length (usually 100% elongation).
Modulus of Elasticity
One of several measurements of stiffness or resistance to deformation.
Typically made from steel. Product is formed within machined cavity.
Mold Cavity
Hollow space of the mold within which the uncured rubber compound is shaped and cured to the desired finished product form.
Mold Finish
The surface roughness of the mold which imparts the desired surface quality to the finished molded product.
Mold Marks
Slight irregularities in the surface of molded articles caused by mold machining marks, or damage to the mold itself.
Mold Release
A lubricant used to assist in the removal of rubber products from the mold.
Abbreviation for Military Standard.