Trade Name
  • Vibrathane — Lanxess
ASTM D1418 Designation
No designation at the time of publication.
ASTM D2000/SAE J200 Type, Class
No designation at the time of publication.
Apple Compound Designation
Standard Color
Cast Polyurethane is outstanding over other o-ring elastomers in abrasion resistance and tensile strength. Additionally, Cast Polyurethane surpasses the performance of Millable Polyurethane in its higher tensile strength.
Key Uses
  • Seals for high hydraulic pressures.
  • Situations where highly stressed parts are subject to wear.
  • Used for wheels, rolls, slurry parts, bumpers, couplers, and shock absorbers.
  • Wiper seals for axially moving piston rods.
Temperature Range
Standard Compound: -30°F to +175°F
Hardness (Shore A)
70 and 90
  • With tensile strength of up to 6,000 psi, elongation of 350 to 650%, and exceedingly high abrasion resistance, the physical properties of Cast Polyurethane are among the best of all o-ring elastomers.
  • Although they swell slightly upon exposure, Cast Polyurethane compounds feature excellent resistance to mineral-based oils and petroleum products, aliphatic solvents, alcohols and ether. They are also compatible with hydraulic fluids, weak acids and bases, and mixtures containing less than 80% aromatic constituents.
  • Cast Polyurethanes are not recommended for exposure to concentrated acids and bases, ketones, esters, very strong oxidizing agents, pure aromatic compounds and brake fluids.
  • With the exception of special compounds, they are also not recommended for exposure to hot water or steam.