Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

Purpose: A PPAP is a standardized format to communicate and document part specification and approval requirements. It helps determine if the manufacturing process is capable of consistently producing parts that meet the required specifications in a production setting.

Specific PPAP requirements are described in more detail in the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) Production Part Approval Process, PPAP Guide. Below is a summary of our standard Level 3 PPAP submission. PPAP's can be tailored to fit specific customer requirements.

PPAP activities generally include documentation including:

  1. Design Record (Generally Part Print)
  2. Process Flow Diagram
  3. Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
  4. Control Plan
  5. Gage R&R of CTQ's
  6. Dimensional report of CTQ's
  7. Material Certification
  8. Capability Analysis of CTQ's
  9. ISO 9001 Certificate
  10. Sample Parts
  11. Part Submission Warrant
  12. IMDS

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