Measurement System Analysis (MSA)

Gage R and R (GR&R)

Purpose: A Gage R&R is used to ensure the proper equipment, people, and procedures are in place to accurately measure a given part. To this end, a GR&R is executed to evaluate the amount of variability in a measurement system.

Procedure: Apple Rubber's standard gage R&R is a long form crossed gage R&R study. Three appraisers each measure ten parts three times (3 appraisers, 10 parts, 3 trials).

Data Analysis: Two methods are available for determining the repeatability and reproducibility:

  1. Option 1: Average and Range Method
  2. Option 2: ANOVA Method

Data Evaluation: The person conducting the gage R&R study shall review the output from the data analysis to determine if the results are acceptable. Both of the following requirements must be met for the GR&R to be deemed internally acceptable:

Below is a link to a sample GR&R using the Average and Range Method;

Gage R&R Average and Range

As well as a sample GR&R using the ANOVA method.


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