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Can you guess the elastomeric material based on the following characteristics?

Water swell resistance
Low Abrasion resistance
Low Tear resistance
Steam resistance
Adhesion to metals with a self bonding additive
Low compression set
Durometer Shore A range of 5-80
Temperature range -85ºF to +400ºF

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Top Story: Cleanroom Certification

We’re growing – again! We have expanded our Class 10,000 ISO Class 7, Certified Cleanroom at our corporate headquarters in Lancaster, NY. This is a reflection of Apple Rubber Products’ commitment to meeting increased demands from our customers.

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Ask the Experts: How Can Compression Set Cause a Seal to Fail?

Sometimes an elastomeric material fails to return to its original size after release from a constant compressive load. The amount of material that fails to return to its original size is called a compression set. This type of failure is common to both static and dynamic seals. Compression set failure produces flat surfaces on both sides of the O-ring’s cross-section, which reduces its sealing potential.

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