Quality Control Plan

Purpose: A Quality Control Plan lists manufacturing processes; and their associated tools, characteristics, specifications, evaluation techniques, control methods, and reaction plans. The goal is to ensure that each individual process within the progression of manufacturing processes is structured such that it creates final parts that meet customer specifications.

A Quality Control Plan shall include:

  1. Creation of a cross-functional team including representatives from engineering, manufacturing, and quality to participate in the creation of the document.
  2. Review of part drawings and specifications for key characteristics.
  3. Review of the process flow diagram, when available.
  4. Listing of each key process and tool used to manufacture the part.
  5. Listing of part characteristic(s) generated by the process.
  6. Review of the specification(s) that must be met.
  7. Listing of the measurement equipment or technique associated with the specification.
  8. Sampling size and frequency associated with the evaluation method.
  9. Listing of Control Methods
  10. Listing of reaction plan(s)

Continual Evaluation: Quality control plans are living documents that must be reviewed and updated when process changes or control changes take place. This ensures the document always reflects the current tooling and methods employed.

Below is a link to a sample Control Plan:

Sample Control Plan

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