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Top Story: Silicone Housing Seals Beat Gaskets Flat

Do you need a sealing solution you can count on? Look no further than silicone housing (face) seals.

Silicone housing seals outperform flat gaskets and other gasketing methods for a wide variety of housing applications. Unlike flat gaskets, the round cross-section of silicone housing seals ensures sealing of any potential leak paths.

Silicone housing seals…
• Are available in 20-80 shore Adurometer range
• Can be softer to match compression set requirements of plastic or metal
• Can be produced in very complex shapes
• Can be color matched to your specifications
• Are consistent, cost-effective, high quality, and flash-free

If you’re still unsure and need more information on silicone seals, request a copy of our latest silicone housing seals brochure.