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Silicone seals site launched by Apple Rubber, a new, one-page microsite devoted to Apple Rubber’s silicone seals product line is now live.

“The site was built to have one place for people to find information on silicone seals and silicone properties,” said Materials Manager John Tranquili. “The goal is to keep growing the site as we get questions and feedback from users.”


Building a stronger web presence
The site itself — — was designed by our agency of record, Quinlan and Company, and packs a ton of information into the cutting-edge, single-page format.

“We built it to answer questions about silicone seals and why you’d want to select silicone,” Ryan DiMillo, Quinlan’s vice president of operations, explained. “We wanted it to be informational. The silicone seals site offers an opportunity to answer more specific questions and provide additional resource to engineers.”

There is also, DiMillo continued, a search engine optimization aspect to the silicone seals website.

“As the silicone seals site moves up the search rankings, it will also serve as one valuable outbound link to Apple Rubber,” he said.  “The more popular this content-first, one-page, informational site gets, the more it will help elevate the Apple Rubber site on search engines, as well.”


About silicone
Silicones are composed of polymers that include silicon, a naturally occuring element, that is combined with carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, or other elements. Silicone’s advantageous features include resistance to microbiological growth, low electrical conductivity, low chemical reactivity, and low toxicity.

Silicone can also withstand extreme temperatures, safely contact food and other organic material, and respond well to coloration — all of which make the compound an attractive sealing option.

“Silicone seals are one of the most versatile seals,” Tranquili noted. “They offer a wide temperature range and impressive chemical resistance.”


Silicone: growth for the future
The Silicone Seals site offers info on product applications in a number of industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, electronics, and construction. Common questions are addressed, and users have quick access to a colorful silicone comparison chart, information about specific silicone compounds, and customization options.

“Silicone seals make up about 30 percent of our business” Tranquili said. “As we continue to grow our technology and improve efficiencies, we expect to see an even greater market share. Our other polymer selections only complement our silicone product line to give our customers one place to purchase all seals.”

A update of the main Apple Rubber website,, is slated for later this year.