Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight: Silicone Rubber

From the cleanroom to the operating room, the dashboard to the circuit board, silicone rubber can be used in many applications where organic rubber can’t perform. Apple Rubber Products gives you all the advantages of silicone…and then some.

By combining the appropriate additives in the correct amounts, silicone can be transformed into a highly specific, versatile material.

It can insulate, or it can be conductive. It can withstand freezing temperatures, and stand up to high heat. Silicone can be almost any color – even glow-in-the-dark green or translucent. It is non-toxic, yet also resists fungus.

Specific advantages of silicone include:

• Unmatched Temperature Resistance – withstands temperature extremes from -85ºF to 450ºF.*

• Excellent Mechanical Properties – high tear and tensile strength, good elongation, excellent flexibility and a durometer range of 10-80 Shore A.

• Superior Insulating Properties – exceeds all elastomers in its insulating properties making it ideal for electrical applications. It is non-conductive and maintains dielectric strength in high and low temperature extremes.

• Exceptional Weather Resistance – resists the damaging effects of UV light, ozone, O2, weather, moisture, and steam with outstanding aging characteristics.

• Good Chemical Resistance – resists water and many chemicals such as some acids, oxidizing chemicals, ammonia and isopropyl alcohol. Note: concentrated acids, alkalines and solvents should not be used with silicone rubber.

• Excellent Dimensional Stability – offers exceptional accuracy and provides versatility of shape and form.

*Newer silicones can withstand temperatures of up to 600ºF for short periods of time.

Due to the increasing popularity of silicone, we have developed precision mold capabilities to provide you with the high quality components your applications demand.