Why You Should Consider MacrOring Seals from Apple Rubber


When your static application requires a seal from 2” I.D. to 500” I.D. and beyond, MacrOring® seals are the perfect solution. With a unique bonding process that molds the joint with proprietary adhesives and cures, the well-blended joint has little to no mismatch.

As shown above, the MacrOring bond is virtually invisible.

At Apple Rubber, superior quality is inherent in the manufacturing process. We conform to all ISO 9001 and AS9100 guidelines and do full acceptance testing on all cord before it is used.

All cord is also sampled for durometer, density, tensile, elongation and cross sectional measurement. After the part is made, the inner diameters are measured with fully calibrated measuring equipment.

For those with a high quality requirement, documentation can be provided, whether it is FMEA, PAPP, or ASTM D2527.

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