Silicone Housing Seals Outperform Flat Gaskets

Apple Rubber’s silicone housing (face) seal offers superior performance over flat gaskets and other gasketing methods. Custom designed to exact specifications, silicone housing seals feature a round cross-section and are molded to hold superior tolerances to die-cut, flat gaskets. Unlike flat gaskets, the round cross section of silicone housing seals ensures sealing of any potential leak paths.


The silicone housing seals can be made even softer to match compression set requirements of plastic or metal housing applications. Apple Rubber can produce the seals in even the most complex shapes and the silicone material can be color-matched to customer specifications.

The housing seals are made in the U.S.A. and Apple Rubber sells direct, enabling direct communication with a knowledgeable sales team and design engineers and full accountability from the company.