Solved and Sealed

Lightning Speed

One of our clients needed help waterproofing a surge protector that protects the lines inside a home from high voltage if lightning strikes outside.

The project required extensive concept and design work, and we saw a great opportunity to put our design engineering skills to work.



Two days after the initial phone call, the Apple Rubber team delivered a working prototype. However, when our clients tested the seal, they found that it didn't completely seal moisture out. We had tested the prototype at our lab and knew it was built to specifications, so we took another look. We discovered that the tolerances of the surge protector were off, causing the seal to fail.

Knowing time was a critical factor and that it would be impossible to seal the part the way it was designed, we developed a rubber-bonded-to-brass part to compensate for the varying tolerances of the surge protector. We delivered the seal the very next day.


From concept to full production, we turned this sealing solution around in a matter of weeks. And, because we designed a composite seal, it was easier to install via automatic assembly, resulting in lower production costs.