Video: How to Master Automated Measuring

automated measuring

Our goal at Apple Rubber is to create quality products that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. As part of this mission, we’ve invested resources in acquiring dimensional analysis equipment to ensure the most effective final inspection of variable geometric features.

That’s why we use automated measuring to measure O-Rings and custom-molded seals. In our latest technical video, we highlight how we used automated measuring with our vision measuring machine.

In under three minutes, you can expect to learn:

  • How to ensure the most effective inspection of variable geometric features
  • Why dimensional inspection of rubber is a delicate process
  • What a vision measuring machine (VMM) is
  • How to measure dimensions with high accuracy, trusted repeatability and minimal measurement time
  • Why our IQOQ process guarantees correct measurement



Let’s talk automated measuring.

Want to learn more about our vision measuring machine? For more information on automated measuring and other dimensional analysis techniques, connect with us on Twitter or LinkedIn. You can also contact our engineering team for assistance.