Meet the Team

The Work at Apple Rubber

Beginning March 2022, Apple Rubber will be posting a quarterly employee spotlight on our Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin accounts. We want to celebrate the hard work and innovation that happens in our facilities every day, and the team members who make it all happen.

With this in mind, we also wanted to shine some light on just a few of the key positions at Apple Rubber. Learn about some of the roles that keep our facilities, and the rubber industry itself, moving forward. 

Account Executives

Direct sales personnel like Account Executives help us provide services to our customers. They work closely with manufacturing plants, forming better lines of communication and helping our customers stay as up-to-date as possible on lead times. Account Executives and other members of our sales team also work directly with our Engineering, Manufacturing, and Quality Control departments to ensure better outcomes for our customers. In addition to managing our existing customers, our Account Executives are experts at selling the products we manufacture to new clients and have an in-depth understanding of our products and capabilities to share. 

Design Engineers

Providing one-on-one engineering services for our customers is a key part of what makes Apple Rubber successful at producing functional custom products. Our team of Design Engineers offer seal design services that range from providing seal groove design, tolerance stack ups, automation assembly suggestions, and much more. They’re pros at designing new seals, working with our customers’ designs, producing molds, and assisting our Quality Control team. Design Engineers ensure that we’re able to consistently create high quality parts for our customers. 

Injection Molding Supervisor

Apple Rubber’s Liquid Silicone Injection department has been busy producing high-quality, low to high volume parts since 1994. Injection Molding Supervisors play a key role in this department by ensuring that molds, equipment, and silicone are all set up correctly, and that our engineering and quality control standards meet APQP customer requirements. This ensures that our liquid silicone manufacturing process is efficient, repeatable, and able to produce quality parts for our customers. Injection Molding Supervisors also make sure that our certified clean room medical grade parts will operate at the highest possible degree of quality.

Our sales, design, and quality control personnel are only a fraction of the team that makes the work at Apple Rubber happen, but they’re a big reason why we are able to celebrate over 50 years of seal design innovation. 

Contact us about any questions you may have about our work, or with ways we can help with yours — we’re here to solve even the world’s toughest sealing problems, one o-ring at a time.