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State of Apple: Here’s What We Did in 2017

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As 2017 comes to an end, we’re reflecting on all of the big things that happened during the year. We had advancements in information technology, added new equipment to our factory, put an increased focus on quality and made major strides in our salesforce.

Here’s what happened at Apple Rubber in 2017.

Protecting our information technology.

  • Security audit. This year, we conducted an audit for all external/public facing network environment and information systems for potential attack and compromises. We had no accounts compromised nor footholds established through exploitation by testers during testing.
  • NIST SP 800-171 compliance. We are now NIST SP 800-171 compliant for the Department of Defense.
  • Security standards. NIST Special Publication 800-171 is the new security and privacy standard that the US government and Department of Defense will impose upon non-federal organizations seeking to contract with the US government.

New Apple Rubber equipment.

  • Elmet TOP 3000 Dosing System. Our four new Elmet TOP 3000 Dosing Systems reduced scrap of less than 1 percent waste. It also offers better dosing precision of LSR materials, improves quality and increased production and lowers energy consumption.
  • Grieve TBH-550 Truck Oven. The Grieve TBH-550 Truck Oven is used for post curing of LSR silicone parts or FKM rubber seals. It improves microprocessor control temperature, increases air circulation for better temperature distribution for uniformed curing, lowers energy consumption and provides better user safety features.
  • Arburg Allrounder. We also purchased an Arburg Allrounder 175 V 125 – 70 , which lowers power consumption by 30 percent. It has high injection shot repeatability for consistent quality parts, vertical molding for quality micro molding and insert micro molding for composite seals.
  • Maplan MHF700/300editionS XL. The new Maplan MHF700/300editionS XL Cool Drive® provides us with the highest precision and efficiency rubber injection machine made with low maintenance design. It also offers high output for high volume rubber seals and gasket.

Quality management

Apple Rubber is in the process of creating the Apple Core Enterprise System. ACES is a web-based tool, compliant to AS 9100 and ISO 9001 standards. Once launched, the system will provide all employees with easy, visually appealing access to needed documents including process maps, forms, procedures, databases and work instructions.

The Apple Core is being developed with the cooperation all Apple Rubber departmental personnel. Process mapping meetings are held weekly where personnel provide input regarding their work area.  Improvement actions are often noted resulting in a more effective and efficient operation. It’s expected that the Apple Core will be complete and operational in early 2018.

Apple Rubber sales

We had a busy year in terms of sales. Here’s a snapshot of what we witnessed:

  • 315 new customers
  • Sales across all continents
  • 8 percent increase in total sale
  • 10 percent Increase of foreign sales
  • 50 percent increase in medical sales
  • Over 180 million O-Rings sold
  • Over 30 million micro O-Rings sold
  • Over 100 million standard AS568 O-Rings sold

Apple Rubber in 2018: What’s next?

Here at Apple Rubber, we had a great year. And we can’t wait to see what comes next in 2018. Want to talk manufacturing trends? Tweet us at @Apple Rubber.