Rubber: in the aerospace field


When you think of airplanes and space shuttles, rubber probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But rubber is an important factor used in both commercial and space flight.

Rubber has the ability to withstand incredible stresses and extreme temperatures. This is why it’s used in many aspects of aircraft and spacecraft assembly and maintenance.┬áRubber helps to hold aircraft parts in place and maintain the pressurization of the cabin.

The aerospace field places strict specifications on manufacturers. These quality requirements are extremely important because of high levels of liability for product quality. Because of this, the aerospace industry created the AS9100C certification, a quality standard for manufacturers and suppliers.

Apple Rubber is one of only a few companies with an AS9100C certification. This means that Apple Rubber possesses an aerospace quality system that ensures product, process and service safety, reliability and quality.

AS9100C certification is now becoming a prerequisite for the aerospace industry, as many original equipment manufacturers will only work with a suppliers, such as Apple Rubber, who are registered to this standard.

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