Rubber: in daily life


Did you ever wonder how rubber products affect your life? You might not realize it, but rubber is being used by you and everyone around you on a daily basis.

Rubber can be found in nearly every room in your house! From your kitchen to your bathroom, to your closet and your pool outside, rubber is everywhere.

In fact, you can probably find at least one rubber product less than three feet from where you’re sitting right now. Here are some examples of rubber products you can easily find in and around your house:

  • rubber bands
  • rubber gloves
  • car tires
  • cookware
  • footwear
  • …and more!

Along with the obvious uses listed above, rubber is also an integral component of more complex applications, such as seals and sealing devices, which are used in countless industries like medical, automotive, engineering, and aerospace.

This is why Apple Rubber has committed itself to being a leading designer and manufacturer of rubber products, offering superior service and capabilities to make sure your rubber needs are filled.

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