Apple Rubber gets serious about weight loss with ‘Lose To Win’


What is Lose To Win? Lose To Win is a weight loss competition that the Apple Rubber Wellness Committee, in partnership with our representatives from BCBS, launched on April 1 to get employees actively thinking about getting in better shape.  The competition continues through July 1, 2014 with the final team weigh-in.

Who’s participating? We have a total of eight teams of four employees.

How does Lose To Win work? There are a total of four team weigh-ins which take place at the beginning of each month.  The goal is for each team to lose one percent of the team’s total weight each month, with a total overall goal of three percent.  The team losing the most amount of weight, having the largest percentage lost is the ultimate winner.

All of the team members get on our large company scale by the shipping/receiving department and are weighed.  If each team member loses one percent, they are entered into a small raffle for that month.

Each week, every team member receives a Lose to Win weekly tip to help stay motivated.  The teams created names and t-shirts and had their own individual competitions among themselves, as well.

So how’s it going? The weigh-in on May 1 was outstanding — all eight team hit the one percent threshold or better.  We even had a team hit five percent!

The Apple Rubber teams are having a great time learning about nutrition, meal portions, and overall healthy tips to have a healthier lifestyle. Keep up the good work, everyone.