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4 Important Advantages of Viton™ O-Rings in the Medical Field


Viton™, a brand name by Chemours LLC, is a type of Fluorocarbon (FKM) that is ideal for critical environments encountered in the medical industry. Known in the sealing community as a universal o-ring, Viton provides a baseline of optimal resistance to temperature, chemicals and pressure that is often presented in medical applications. These notable characteristics set Viton ahead of other sealing materials, making it a well-rounded choice for advanced sealing capabilities. 

To get a better understanding of the advantages of Viton, here’s a closer look at the benefits Viton o-rings offer in the medical field. 

1. Withstands High Temperatures

Viton is known for offering high temperature resistance while maintaining its flexibility, shape and mechanical properties. Standard Viton o-rings can withstand temperatures ranging from -13℉ to 446℉, which is a substantial feature for medical applications. 

High temperature performance also means that Viton is able to resist degradation that often comes with prolonged exposure to specific temperature environments. Because of this, Viton seals are trusted to remain sturdy in long-term applications. 

2. Excellent Chemical Resistance

In the medical industry, o-rings and medical devices often seal against harsh chemicals that ultimately eat away at most rubber materials. Viton offers excellent resistance to these chemicals, as well as other gases and solutions commonly used in medical applications. This allows Viton seals to remain durable in critical sealing environments. Specifically, Viton seals are known to protect against the following substances:

  • Oils
  • Acids
  • Silicone fluids
  • Oxygen
  • Glucose
  • Carbon dioxide

Strong chemical resistance properties are critical for medical seals, making Viton a top choice compared to other sealing materials.

3. Remains Strong Under Pressure

Viton seals offer resistance to compression, especially at temperatures in which other rubber materials would become brittle. This resistance allows Viton seals to perform under pressure, which is important in medical applications. Regardless of the environment, every medical seal is expected to maintain sealing capabilities under critical circumstances and avoid failure. Since Viton is able to maintain its mechanical properties under pressure, Viton is regarded as a trusted sealing material that won’t crack in critical applications. 

4. Meets Strict FDA and Sanitary Standards

In order for o-rings and sealing devices to be applied in medical applications, they must meet strict regulations that include:

  • FDA standards
  • USP Class VI
  • ISO 10993

Unlike many elastomer types, Viton is able to meet the specifications required by the medical field. To do so, Viton medical seals should be manufactured, quality tested and packaged in a certified cleanroom to avoid contamination. Apple Rubber is home to a Class 10000, ISO 7, certified cleanroom facility that provides cleanroom processing, medical molding, heightened quality assurance and full lot traceability for medical seals. With a certified cleanroom space, we can assure that every Viton medical seal meets industry standards and is safe for medical use. 


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