Your Go-To Guide for Sealing Solutions


The definition of guide is to supervise or instruct.  Our Seal Design Guide does just that – with many different tools and charts to help you create the sealing solution you need.

The first Apple Rubber Seal Design Guide was published in 1989 and fast became the go-to guide in seal design.  Since then, the Internet has helped us reach out to a wider audience and include better features.

Today, our interactive Seal Design Guide is now easier to navigate.  Simply choose the topic of interest you’re looking for and the technical data is presented.

One of the most popular topics in the Seal Design Guide is the Technical Summary, where you can explore the Rules of Thumb for successful sealing, review terms in the Seal Glossary, and use the interactive formulas.

Bookmark this page for information at your fingertips when you need to determine compression, cross sections, stretch, and more.