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The Top 3 Cybersecurity Trends to Look out for in 2019


With the start of the new year, there are many speculations of trends and technologies that will have a major impact on the manufacturing industry. With the constant introduction of new technology and networks, cybersecurity has been a high priority for everyone.

While advancements in technology have been helpful in many ways throughout the manufacturing industry, new forms of cyber threats will continue to develop. In order to keep your company and information safe, it is important to be aware of how new technology can be affected. Here are the top three cybersecurity trends that you need to know about in 2019:

1. Artificial Intelligence will open new windows of opportunity for attackers.

Artificial intelligence has already been integrated into many manufacturing applications, bringing automation to many manual tasks and boosting productivity. However, AI is home to massive amounts of data, which pose as target points for many cyber attackers. Some AI technology is so fragile and new that it may be susceptible to malicious input that could corrupt entire systems and affect operations.

AI technology can also be utilized by attackers in their own criminal activities. Attackers can deploy automated programs that search for weaknesses in a system for breaching. This type of activity could become more common in 2019 as more AI technology is developed and applied.

2. The Introduction and rollout of 5G will expand the attack surface.

2019 will be the year of preparation and acceleration of deploying the 5G network. This upgraded service will bring improved download speeds, reduced latency and the ability to control a variety of devices in more remote locations.

Over time, it’s likely that IoT devices in the manufacturing industry will connect to 5G networks rather than private Wi-Fi. This will allow manufacturers to back-up or transmit large amounts of data to cloud-based storage. While this ability will bring a lot of benefits to companies, it also gives attackers more opportunities to breach in both cloud storage and over the 5G network.

3. Cybersecurity is turning to automation.

While the initial trends for 2019 may be concerning, there is a potential silver lining. As automation continues to take on the manufacturing industry by storm, it may begin to make it’s way into cybersecurity as well. Networks are becoming larger and spread out into more remote areas. In order to effectively manage and protect such large networks, automation should be utilized.

Using automation technology, manufacturers will be able to collect large quantities of data surrounding cyber networks, detect infections that may already be in your network and generate protections faster than an attack can spread. This will enforce protection and minimize the threat of attacks.

As the manufacturing industry continues to advance, cybersecurity measures will also evolve. Being aware of potential threats and trends in the industry will give you the leverage you need to prevent future attacks.


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