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All of the Benefits of Ethylene Propylene in the Medical Industry

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In the medical industry, rubber o-rings are utilized for a wide range of sealing applications. Since o-rings are durable and easily customizable to fit the needs of any application, they are commonly used for respiratory equipment, pumps, drug delivery devices and fluid transfer systems such as IV’s.

Ethylene-Propylene (EPDM) is a non-toxic, FDA-approved synthetic rubber that is widely used throughout the medical industry. With it’s flexibility and ruggedness, EPDM medical seals can handle tough applications in harsh environments. 

Here’s a closer look at the benefits of EPDM in the medical industry. 


Compatible With Many Chemicals and Fluids

In the medical industry, rubber devices are often challenged to seal against harsh chemicals and fluids. EPDM offers excellent resistance against damaging fluids, such as: 

  • Polar fluids
  • Polar solvents
  • Alkaline cleaning products
  • Steam
  • Hot water

EPDM offers superior compatibility to polar fluids and solvents at elevated temperatures. EPDM medical seals also minimize the risk of contamination from leaching out when formulated with softeners and process aids


Excellent Durability

EPDM offers outstanding abrasion resistance, which is important in the medical industry to avoid detrimental leaks and tears. One of EPDM’s biggest advantages is its superior resistance to ozone and weather conditions. EPDM seals are able to withstand: 

  • UV rays
  • Ozone
  • Aging
  • Weather

Additionally, EPDM is also the most waterproof rubber available. While the medical industry may not require seals to provide ozone or weather resistance, they are still important qualities to have because they showcase the resilience and durability that these seals can offer in harsh environments. 


Temperature Resistance and Flexibility

In the medical industry, rubber seals may be required to withstand extreme high or low temperatures. EPDM standard compounds offer excellent temperature stability from -40° to +275°F, and special compounds ranging from -67° to +302°F. 

EPDM is also very flexible, with 600% elongation and a tensile range of 500-2500 psi. This is an important feature in the medical industry to ensure rubber seals will move with the equipment and not create potential leak paths. 


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