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Why the Medical Industry Needs Injection Molding Right Now


Right now, people around the world are in need of quick medical developments to handle the high demands of care. The medical industry requires reliable, high-quality sealing devices, which are critical for safe applications. Many manufacturers have used different molding techniques to produce quality seals, such as transfer and compression molding. However, there is one molding method that stands superior to the rest: rubber injection molding.

Rubber injection molding offers many unique benefits that the medical industry relies on. From improved versatility in durometer shores to completely customizable shapes, rubber injection molding creates precise sealing devices that can meet specific standards. Here’s a closer look at some of the most important benefits this molding technique is bringing to the industry right now.

Easily Repeatable Process

Since rubber injection molding is such a complex process, it often incorporates automation to improve efficiency and productivity. Automation allows manufacturers to easily repeat molding operations– producing the same rubber device without variation. Automation also lowers the defect rate of rubber parts, which is typically associated with human error. This provides quality assurance to medical professionals who are looking to receive duplicates of products that follow exact specifications. 

Lower Costs

Rubber injection molding is known to reduce labor costs, which ultimately affects the buyer’s cost. Since saving money is a priority in every industry, medical professionals may seek out manufacturers that offer this service specifically. 

Since the molding process is automated, labor costs and excess material consumption are reduced significantly. Flash and rubber waste are also lowered, so manufacturers are able to fully utilize all of their raw materials at hand. With all of these costs combined, manufacturers are able to save money on their end while providing lower rates to potential customers. 

Creating Custom Parts That Save Lives

Trusted, quality parts are the backbone of successful medical applications. With rubber injection molding, manufacturers can customize the size, shape, material and hardness of their sealing devices to match exact industry standards. 

Since every application holds precise requirements, rubber injection molding offers versatility in the molding process to ensure every part is safe and reliable for patients and medical professionals. Some examples of rubber devices that can be formed through injection molding include:

  • Respiratory devices
  • IV components
  • O-Rings for IV, drug delivery dialysis, etc.
  • Electronic components

It is extremely important that every sealing device is durable enough to handle these powerful applications. With rubber injection molding, the medical industry can feel assured that every sealing component and rubber device is strong enough to carry out these life-saving applications. 

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