Solved and Sealed | Lightning Speed

The Problem: A company needed to waterproof a surge protector that protects lines inside a home from high voltage in case of lightning strikes outside. The project required extensive concept and design work, and other seal failed to come up with a solution. At Apple Rubber, saw a great opportunity to put our design engineering skills to work. We met to discuss the challenge.

The Solution: We quickly delivered prototypes twice in a matter of days.

Two days after the initial phone call, we delivered a working prototype. The company tested the seal and found that it didn’t completely seal moisture out. We had tested the prototype at our lab and knew it was to spec, so we took another look at the parts the prototype seal was to perform with. We discovered that the tolerances of the surge protector were off, causing the seal to fail.

Knowing time was a critical factor and that it would be impossible to seal the part the way it was designed, we developed a rubber-bonded-to-brass part to compensate for the varying tolerances of the surge protector. We delivered the seal the next day.

We had worked with the company from drawing to prototype to full production in a matter of weeks. With our complete manufacturing capabilities, Apple Rubber has produced nearly 6 million parts to date.

Apple Rubber proves, once again, to be a timely and cost-effective solution. Our custom sealing solutions are easier to install by automatic assembly, resulting in production cost savings.