Solved and Sealed | Arresting a Leak

The problem: A construction vehicle manufacturer was experiencing seal failure on an engine’s fuel injector. They had state-of-the-art equipment on their production line to test the fuel injector seals, yet even seals that appeared to be to spec were continuing to leak. We met with the manufacturer’s engineers at their facilities 300 miles away to discuss the problem…and returned home with the seal in question.

The Solution: We provided four different prototypes, and each one passed testing on the first try.

At AppleLab™, our advanced testing laboratory, we ran a myriad of tests on the seal to determine its physical properties and composition. We discovered that the high temperature of the application caused the seal material to change characteristics, which resulted in the leak.

Putting the prototypes to the test, we designed a new seal made of material that would stand up to the harsh environment. We then bonded it to a metal washer for even greater stability. Four different prototypes were delivered and immediately taken to the production floor for testing. All four types were tested on the fuel injectors for four cycles, and all four prototypes passed the test the first time.

The company had been performing 100% inspection on the seals, which was costing more than the actual parts themselves. It is now possible for the company to eliminate the expensive on-line inspection of the seals by utilizing our customized Quality Control programs, ensuring a cost-effective seal and testing alternative.