Rules of Thumb

Rules of Thumb: #7-12

Hopefully our last Rules of Thumb list was helpful in your application processes. Here are some more facts that you should be familiar with:

7. The closer your application is to room temperature, the longer an O-ring can be expected to seal effectively.

8. Avoid graphite-loaded compounds with stainless steel. They tend to pit the stainless steel surface over time.

9. Don’t forget to lightly coat the O-ring with lubricant before installation. Use a lubricant that is compatible with the O-ring material AND with system chemicals.

10. Using only one back-up ring? Make sure you install it on the low pressure side of the O-ring.

11. Static Seal vs. Dynamic Seal: Static seal cross sections = 10%-40% in general compression rate. Dynamic seal cross sections = 10%-30% general compression rate.

12. Did you read that your “elastomer is good for an application”? Remember this only means that SOME compounds which include the needed material is acceptable. NOT ALL. For instance, some compounds of EP are good for brake fluid applications, but most are not acceptable.

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