Rules of Thumb

How Do We Quality Assure Our Products?

At Apple Rubber, we’re fully committed to ensuring the quality and reliability of every one of our materials and seals. To achieve this, we have set a gambit of quality assurance procedures in place. These measures extend from pre-production to testing and certification. Read on to learn more.


Oftentimes, quality assurance begins before a product is even produced. This means that the right facilities need to be in place in order to produce great products. Apple Rubber’s Class 10000, ISO 7, certified cleanroom facility reflects our commitment to meeting our customers’ needs for cleanroom processing, medical LSR molding, heightened quality assurance, and traceability.

Our cleanroom includes:

  • Complete processing, including production, washing, and packaging areas
  • Four injection molding machines
  • Two post-cure ovens
  • Fully automated ultrasonic parts cleaning system

Apple Rubber’s cleanroom is one of the many reasons we are the leading sealing solutions provider for medical devices, electronic components, and other industries where precision manufacturing, testing and assembly are critical.

Advanced Testing

Quality is measured before, during, and after production. Apple Rubber’s advanced testing laboratory is one of the most rigorous assurance programs in the industry. We customize our testing programs to meet our customer’s specific needs from testing to certification.

Among other metrics, AppleLab® is able to assure the correct size, chemical composition, and strength and flexibility requirements of every seal we produce through our advanced testing options. We back this up by providing:

  • Complete PPAP, PPQ, statistical data to meet QC requirements
  • Process, material, and dimensional certification
  • Custom quality assurance documentation

Get in touch with one of our engineers to talk about designing a quality assurance program to meet your project’s specific requirements.

Proper Documentation

Because each of our customers requires different quality documentation, Apple Rubber tailors the documents we provide to meet even the most specific requests.

While some customers require only the basic level of documentation covered by ISO 9001 and AS9100C standards, others require a more rigorous level of record keeping and certification. Our manufacturing, engineering, and quality teams work together to create and deliver these documents whenever they’re needed.

Ready to learn more?

Above all, Apple Rubber’s experienced engineers are constantly working to provide higher quality products, testing, and documentation. Get in touch with any questions and learn what our engineers can do for you.