All of the Benefits of In-House Tooling for Manufacturers


Manufacturers are always looking for the most efficient and cost-effective methods for producing products. Saving time and money in any area of production can have a major impact on the company overall. Many manufacturers find that performing in-house operations over outsourced tooling can lead to many major benefits, including shorter lead-times, reduced costs, quality assurance, and easy customizations. 

Through in-house tooling capabilities, companies like Apple Rubber can utilize high-quality components and equipment to create completely customizable products in a short amount of time. Apple Rubber is able to quickly manufacture and supply a wide range of rubber components, from standard o-rings to complex custom parts of any size. By prototyping, designing, molding and crafting products within their facility, companies can experience some of the major benefits associated with in-house production. These benefits include:

Short turn-around time.

When outsourcing products with other facilities, companies can face longer turn-around times for products. Depending on a company’s internal processes, waitlists, transit time and potential errors along the way, a products turn-around time can often get pushed back when outsourced. 

To avoid serious production lags, manufacturers should save on wasted time and expenses by investing in machinery for in-house tooling. In-house tooling allows Apple Rubber to engage in production on their own time, without waiting on anyone else for parts or materials. Short turn-around time also allows Apple Rubber to produce more products in the same amount of time that it takes to outsource, which enables them to deliver more products to customers and increase sales.

Save big on extra costs. 

While outsourcing often seems like a way to save money, especially in low-cost countries, extra time and resources spent shipping and handling products across borders can become very pricey. Tariffs can often play a big role in shipping costs when outsourcing over country borders, tacking on even more money to an already expensive exchange. 

In-house tooling saves the money and hassle of outsourcing outside of the country. By completing entire production cycles within a single facility, extra hidden costs of shipping and potential damage during extensive travel can be avoided. 

High-quality products assured.

Through in-house tooling, all products can easily reflect the quality both you and your customer are expecting. Materials, equipment and processes can be adjusted during the production processes to modify any aspects that are not working to their fullest potential. 

When outsourcing, communications can become lost along the way and products may not always be up to company standards. Relying on other companies can lead to disappointments and customer dissatisfaction. In-house tooling puts all the responsibility on a single company, so quality should always be assured. 

Ease of access and flexibility.

In-house tooling makes it easy for companies to adjust their products quickly and efficiently to meet customer demands. For Apple Rubber, updates, changes and revisions to rubber molds can be completed immediately within the facility without extended wait times or extra costs associated with outsourced tooling. Ease of access can be a major benefit for many companies, saving them time, costs, resources and wasted products. 


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