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6 Manufacturing Podcasts That Every Manufacturer Should Listen To

manufacturing podcasts

Improvement should be every business owner’s primary objective. A way to prioritize this development can be found by educating oneself. In the past, this would mean reading a book or the newspaper.

But in today’s age of on-the-go mindsets, finding time to read an entire book isn’t so easy, let alone finding an actual newspaper. Thus, enter the podcast: a way to discern credible information while multitasking.

Podcasts are a great way for manufacturers and engineers to receive timely information in a fast-paced business world. While we have more time on our hands staying home and social distancing, now is the perfect time to find something new to listen to. Here’s a few manufacturing podcasts to get you started. 

1. Making Chips

Hosts: Jason Zenger and Jim Carr

Average Length: 45 Minutes

Released: Weekly

Description: Jason Zenger, owner of ZENGERS, an industrial metalworking team, and Jim Carr, owner of CARR Machine & Tool Inc., a CNC machine shop, interview manufacturing leaders in a way that will equip listeners with a refreshed look at our industry. In their latest episode, the duo sits down to discuss the details of COVID-19 management and response and how to utilize your resources to meet the demands of the crisis. 


2. Manufacturing Happy Hour

Host: Chris Luecke

Average Length: 45 Minutes

Released: Weekly

Description: Each week, Chris Luecke, an industry veteran, sits down with manufacturing leaders, founders and makers to talk about strategies, tactics and new tools in the industry. In the most recent episode, Leucke spoke about cybersecurity and why it’s so important for manufacturers. 


3. Composites Weekly

Host: Jonathan Taylor

Average Length: 30 Minutes

Released: Weekly

Description: Composites Weekly is the go-to podcast for all your latest updates and news in the composites and advanced materials industry. The show covers topics such as new technologies, 3D printing, manufacturing and marketing strategies based off of the host, Jonathan Taylor’s own experiences. In one of the most recent episodes, Taylor discusses how COVID-19 will impact the aerospace and defense industries. 


4. The Manufacturing Report

Hosts: Scott Paul

Average Length: 20 Minutes

Released: Weekly

Description: Scott Paul, President of the Alliance for American Manufacturing, talks to manufacturing experts about our industry’s industrial base in a necessary modern context. In the latest episode, HGTV’s Ben Napier sits down to discuss how his Made in America business is faring as COVID-19 shuts down most of the nation.  


5. Gemba Academy: Lean Thinking

Hosts: Ron Pereira

Average Length: 40 Minutes

Released: Weekly

Description: Ron Pereira of Gemba Academy converses with manufacturing thought leaders about the problems we face and ways to solve them. Last week, Pereira spoke with Steve Kane, Gemba’s own Director of Customer Success, about leadership, coaching and uncertainty in the industry. 


6. Advanced Manufacturing Now

Hosts: SME Media

Average Length: 25 Minutes

Released: Multiple Times a Week

Description: This podcast provides listeners with the latest news and in-depth technical information about advanced manufacturing in North America. In the latest episode, Alan Rooks, Editor and Chief of Manufacturing Engineering magazine and Michael Wilm, business manager of calibration products for Renishaw Inc. sit down to talk about emerging trends that are creating metrology challenges for manufacturers.  


What’s your favorite manufacturing podcast?

Do you or your employees follow any manufacturing podcasts? We’d like to hear about them. Let us know by tweeting us at @AppleRubber.