5 Manufacturing Apps That Increase Productivity


As the digital era continues to grow, so many aspects of the ways in which we conduct business have changed. Many people use smartphones essentially as extensions of a desktop to respond to email, research industry trends or even make business transactions outside of the office.

The more effort a manufacturer makes to tailor his mobile device to business, the more efficient and user-friendly it will be to use a smartphone as an asset in manufacturing. In their introductory phase, mobile apps were seen as a means of entertainment, hosting different platforms for trivia, games and social media. Now, apps have taken over as a supplementary use in business as well as in lifestyle.

There are huge potential benefits associated with increased reliance on apps specified for manufacturers. Apps can improve user experience for both the consumer and businesses. Using apps as a part of a business model allows for a competitive advantage in terms of forward thinking, creativity and accessibility.

Here are 5 apps that manufacturers can use to help increase productivity:

1. Pocket Analytics

This app is designed to create a sense of ease in staying up-to-date on the real-time analytics of your business. This includes a general overview as well as statistical analysis of individual services. Pocket Analytics has a feature that allows a user to choose the format in which the data is displayed from various charts or graphs, making it an ideal app for keeping data organized.  

Additionally, for a manufacturing company looking to become more media oriented or to simply increase their online presence, Pocket Analytics is ideal for tracking page views, new visitors and user engagement. Knowing the statistics in real-time of your business operations is a vital part of ensuring productivity and making the right changes to benefit the business.

2. Venmo

Venmo is the revolutionary app that’s bridging the technology and banking industries.  Its success is only reinforced by the fact that the app name now simultaneously functions as a verb, i.e. “Venmo me,” which is commonly understood amongst a younger crowd.

Using Venmo increases efficiency in business transactions because a smartphone is all that is required to make a payment, and odds are that you have it on you anyway! Venmo essentially replaces the practice of having to write someone a check. It is an extremely helpful application for a lot of situations that may present themselves in manufacturing, such as a spontaneous purchase or sale

3. Manufacturing 360

Manufacturing 360 is a great app for those who may want to keep up with the changing tides of the industry. This app differentiates itself from others because of its commitment to the hands-on digitalization and documentation of the manufacturing experience.

Manufacturing 360 utilizes engaging techniques like VR and AR to captivate users on the latest manufacturing news, tips, trends and expert commentary. It mainly focuses on topics in assembly and part manufacturing.

4. LeanApp

Specifically for companies who focus on implementing lean manufacturing practices into their processes, LeanApp is ideal to help foster product quality and minimize waste of production. There are several different features within the app that ask manufacturers to input information, promising that the data provided will help increase productivity as well as reduce manufacturing costs.

Specific features include a tasklist that monitors the progress of different employees involved, as well as transition through different stages of a product’s life cycle. Amongst others, LeanApp has a TAKT calculator function and interactive worksheets that allow manufacturers to actually draw the flow of their layout.

5. Manufacturing MRP

For all that is time related pertaining to manufacturing, the Manufacturing MRP app puts a standard time clock to shame. Time management is essential to the success of any manufacturing company. Manufacturing MRP helps to ensure that your firm is up for the task.

This app is helpful because it functions to notify individual employees of various events, including plans for scheduling, alerts to changes in quality or supply on the floor and real-time updates of operations. Workers will be able to keep up with changes as they occur, which will result in optimal time management practices.


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