Sizes & How to Order

How to Order Apple O-Rings

Apple Rubber O-Rings and MicrOring® seals are specified by three characteristics:

  1. Size
  2. Hardness
  3. Material

SIZE: Standard size are specified by their AS568 (or ISO 3601) dash number. Non-standards are referenced by I.D. and C.S. (cross section or width). Click on the following links to reference the seal size tables you need:

HARDNESS: This is specified by a two-digit Shore A durometer number, ranging from 25(soft) to 90(hard), depending on the type of elastomer. Our standard durometer is 70 Shore A, except for Viton which is 75 Shore A. Standard durometer tolerance is ±5.

MATERIAL: Our standard range of materials is designated by a two-letter abbreviation for each elastomer. Please refer to our Material Selection Guide or Section 6 for help with the rubber material selection process.

When ordering, please provide us with the following:


Standard O-Ring - If you were to order 10,000 pieces of an AS568 -110 in 70 Durometer Silicone your order would read:

Non-Standard O-Ring - If you were to order 25,000 pieces with an internal diameter of .144" and a cross section of .025" 70 durometer Buna-N your order would read:

To Place Orders Or Request Quotations

Phone: 716-684-6560 or 800-828-7745

Fax: 716-684-8302

Online RFQ: Request for Quote

Note: Prior to seal specification, please check for availability. We add to tooling list all the time.



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