• Find the right o-ring for your project. Remember – an O-Ring not squeezed in its application is probably the wrong o-ring.

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  • Apple Rubber has over 7,000 sizes of O-rings. More sizes added daily.

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  • Rubber compounds are a mixture of polymers, fillers, antioxitives and curatives. What’s right for your application?

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  • Match your application's composition with the o-ring material offering the best chemical resistance.

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  • Dedicated to helping you design a successful sealing solution.

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Who is Apple Rubber?

Meet Apple Rubber -- a leader in rubber compounds and sealing technology. Improving the products we rely upon. Changing the way we live.

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Apple Rubber Products Inc.® is a leading designer and manufacturer of o-rings, rubber seals and custom sealing devices. When you need a standard AS568 rubber o-ring, a complex Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) prototype seal or medical-grade seals and parts, Apple Rubber has the sealing capabilities to deliver the sealing solution you need.