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Natural Rubber

Trade Names:

ASTM D1418 Designation: NR

ASTM D2000/SAE J200 Type, Class: AA

Apple Compound Designation: NA

Standard Color: Black

Description: Natural Rubber is the vulcanized product of the juice of the Hevea tree (latex).

Key Use(s): Mainly used for dampeners due to its ability to absorb vibration. Used for stoppers for cost and chemical compatibility. Most natural rubber still used for tires.

Temperature Range: Standard Compound: -58° to +158°F. (Dry Heat Only)

Hardness (Shore A): 40 to 90.

Features: Natural Rubber features high tensile strength; high resilience, high abrasion and high tear resistance properties, with a good friction surface and excellent adhesion to metals. Natural Rubber features good resistance to organic acids and alcohols, with moderate resistance to aldehydes.

Limitations: Not widely used in sealing industry due to poor compression set performance at elevated temperature and lack to resistance to petroleum based fluids. Medical industry has moved away from the use of Natural Rubber because of its allergic reactions after repeated contact.



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