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Filter Seals®

Filter Seal parts are a custom designed combination of elastomer and fabric, metal or plastic

Our exclusive Filter Seal ® parts are a custom designed combination of elastomer and fabric, metal or plastic that operates as both a seal and a filter in one device. Filter Seals ® are designed to meet your unique specifications with a variety of elastomers and filter materials available. A Filter Seal ® part can simplify your assembly process with only one component to purchase and install.

Apple Rubber pioneered the Filter Seal® more than a decade ago and has produced more than 10 million custom Filter Seals® since then, for countless applications, in a wide variety of industries. We offer unmatched experience, expertise and manufacturing capabilities to deliver the advantages of Filter Seal® for your specific application.

Why a Filter Seal®?

  • Multi-functional - Allows you to seal and filter with one part instead of two, three or more; can simplify the design of your components.
  • Cost and time savings - One part to purchase instead of two; one part to install; easier maintenance and replacement.
  • Custom designs - Filter Seal® is custom-designed to your exact specifications, available in all typical elastomer materials - i.e. silicone, fluorocarbon, etc. - and a wide choice of filter materials - i.e. PTFE membrane, nylon, Dacron, etc.
  • Fast turnaround - You can select an AS568* standard o-ring size and we can quickly custom manufacture a Filter Seal® to your needs utilizing any of a variety of available fabrics.
  • Unlimited applications - Apple Rubber can design Filter Seal® in virtually any shape, is many sizes for industries from automotive to food grade applications.

Fabric and Weave Types

  • Polyester
  • Plastic
  • Nylon
  • Stainless steel
  • Dacron

Apple Rubber engineers can help you select the right fabric and weave based on your applications and factors such as:

  • Filtration requirements
  • Chemical compatibility
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Burst strength of fabric
  • Flexibility of fabric
  • Tensile strength

*Note: The current revision of the standard is C but it changes periodically.

For more information on our Filter Seal ® parts, contact Apple Rubber today.