Medical Seals

Medical Grade Elastomers

From elastomeric parts and seals to micro miniature and custom solutions, Apple Rubber has precisely what you need – Sealing solutions for your medical applications.

Today's advanced medical procedures and treatments have placed rigorous new requirements on medical equipment and devices. Seals and other parts in medical products are now exposed to a wider range of chemical and temperature environments than ever before.

Medical Grade Elastomers

Apple Rubber’s Medical Grade Elastomers (available in all shapes and sizes) feature improved chemical resistors, excellent heat resistance, and low permeability to gas.

Medical Seals and Parts

From simple seals to the most complex parts, Apple Rubber utilizes a host of sophisticated technologies and processes – including LSR capabilities and a Class 10000 ISO-07 Clean Room – to consistently manufacture the high quality components you demand directly in our USA plant.

For more information on medical parts and seals, contact Apple Rubber today.

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