The success of our
everyday lives relies on
the strength of a single o-ring.

Our medical care, lifestyles and careers are impacted every day by innovative sealing solutions. Let us show you how.

Which role do you best identify with?
Ever had trouble finding the best solution for a challenging application?

Every robot can use an occasional upgrade.

We thought you might say that.

Find out how Apple Rubber o-rings are solving everyday applications.

Apple Rubber provides creative sealing solutions that help save lives,
fuel our lifestyle and power our commute.

With over 45 years of serving a wide range of industries,
Apple Rubber has the capabilities of solving the toughest sealing challenges.

Download a case study to learn how Apple Rubber o-rings impact your everyday life.

  • The Right Seal is Ale You Need.

    In the brewing industry, specific rubber formulations have been known to alter the taste and smell of different types of craft beer. Find out how Apple Rubber engineers tested common rubber materials to discover which seals are best for brewing.

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  • Design, Test, Produce, Repeat.

    When taking a part from design to production, reviewing dimensions, modifying the design and testing functionality are critical steps in avoiding o-ring failure. Learn more about how Apple Rubber works through common sealing challenges from prototyping all the way to production.

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  • Pushing Past the Temperature Limit.

    As applications become more demanding, o-rings are required to adapt to strict resistance properties and extreme temperature conditions. Take a closer look at how Apple Rubber improved the low-temperature performance of three common rubber polymers.

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