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Apple Rubber Introduces the New O-Ring Gland Calculator for Radial Gland Designs

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Apple Rubber is the leading manufacturer and supplier of standard and non-standard o-ring sizes.  With over 7,000 different o-ring sizes available to ship from stock, we are a first choice source in the industry.  Apple Rubber is dedicated to helping engineers and designers with the tools needed to design hardware components for sealing applications.

The most recently updated tool on the Apple Rubber website is the Radial Seal Gland Calculator.  There are two primary types of radial o-ring configurations—piston and rod. This tool will help users correctly design their o-ring and gland dimensions.  


How It Works

Selecting whether the application is static or dynamic will give guidance for the recommended amount of squeeze on the o-ring cross-section. The user will select units in inches or millimeters. From there, standard o-ring sizes are made available from a drop-down list—AS568 or ISO3601, depending on the units selected.  From this information, the Radial Gland Calculator will provide the recommended hardware dimensions and calculated results for squeeze, stretch, diametral clearance, and volume fill.  If needed, the hardware dimensions and tolerances can be changed to match those of the actual application.  The user can then compare to see if the calculated results are within the recommended application values. 

There is also the option for users to input a custom size o-ring by entering the inside diameter (ID) and cross-section (CS) individually, as well as the gland dimensions and tolerances. From this information, the Radial Gland Calculator will provide the calculated results for the user to review.  

The calculated results will help the user apply an o-ring that will meet the recommended range of squeeze, stretch and volume fill.  The recommended percentage of squeeze for static radial o-ring applications are 10% to 30%, and 8% to 30% for dynamic applications. The o-ring ID stretch should be 1% to 5%, and the maximum volume fill should not exceed 85%.  

The Radial Seal Gland Calculator is another tool provided by Apple Rubber to assist engineers, designers, and those with minimal technical background to confidently apply o-rings as sealing solutions. 

Discover the other tools available on our website, and contact and engineer with any questions you may have.