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5 Reasons to Prototype with Apple Rubber


More often than not, drawing out ideas and designs are not enough to get a real picture of how a product will be used in every day life. Prototyping, however, creates a real version of the product you’ve been imagining, and it is critical to the design process. Through determining which aspects are worthwhile and which need to be revised or discarded, the prototyping process allows for the discovery of glaring omissions that, on paper, are not noticeable.

Apple Rubber presents five compelling reasons why you should prototype with us.

1. Experienced engineering and design staff.

Apple Rubber’s team can integrate the intricacies of developing a prototype and put it into production. Once a project engineer is assigned to your project, we will review your application requirements and collaborate with you on the part design. Apple Rubber will advise the benefits and limitations of materials for the types of applications that you have in mind. Because we’re familiar with equipment and processes that are used to manufacture the part, we’ll bring realistic goals in product design, performance, and economics to the table. These insights will provide you with a successful prototype and set the stage for production.

2. End-to-End Prototyping Capabilities.

Apple Rubber has all the processes required to create your prototype under one roof. We know you don’t want to spend countless weeks working with a company that sources all your parts for prototyping stages. Apple Rubber makes their tools, molds the parts and has quality control plans for first article approvals, all in-house. Your dedicated engineer will stay with you throughout the entire process to ensure there are never any surprises. We cover everything from dimensional tolerances and manufacturing, to first article approvals and costing.

3. Lead Times.

Time is not always on your side. In those cases, the shorter the lead time, the better. ExpresSeal, a division of Apple Rubber, offers a variety of sealing profiles via machining. The parts are machined from round stock and feature changes are adapted easily. Since rubber parts require tooling fabrication, ExpresSeal creates the option to eliminate the molding tool requirement.

4. Rapid Change Management Processes.

Product designs continuously change and are never set in stone. It is likely that during your prototyping process, an aspect of your product will be revised. Working with a dedicated engineer throughout the entire prototyping process will allow adaptations to be made easily.

5. Low to high volume production versatility.

Effective prototyping programs are quickly paving the way for production. Apple Rubber will serve your production needs. We have the in-house capacity to supply anywhere from 50 pcs to 5 million pcs. The original engineer that worked with you in prototyping will transition you into production, which provides incredible insight into the prototyping stages. Measures can be presented at the prototyping stages to ensure a smooth and cost-effective transition to production.
Emphasizing the big picture and using a supply partner mentality when approaching these decisions is important. Don’t sit back and let your competitor beat you to market. Prototype with Apple Rubber–a company that has it all. Validate your designs and move into production all under one roof. We know how to integrate your product requirements with our capabilities. Take advantage of Apple Rubber’s end-to-end prototyping to production services.